01/18/2018- H Earnhardt

I work for a large auto dealer group and we use Public Safety LMR for the service of our large fleet of radios. They are fantastic! Prompt honest service and advice with excellent pricing and top notch customer service.  The company goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone in the market for radios or accessories! Keep up the great work guys!

10/8/2017- Harold Thompson

On the ranch we needed a dependable radio that would withstand adverse weather conditions.  Mike recommended Icom radios, which featured being waterproof.  Suspecting that waterproof really meant water resistant and doubting we'd ever put it to test in the dry mountains we purchased 6 Icom F2000 Portable Radios.  A few days after receipt I was at the barn filling up a bucket at the water trough and inadvertently dropped my new Alpha One in three feet of trough water.  After four seconds of frantically searching, I found the radio, and immediately took out the battery, finding it totally dry.  Blowing water out of the mic, I called headquarters and received a confirmation voice response.  And it continues to work perfectly.  Waterproof means waterproof.

6/6/2017- Mike Davis

Stellar service; Competitive prices; Quick delivery... recommend to everyone!

10/12/2016 - Stewart Martin

I love this company.  The customer service is great.  The radios work.  And if the radios our staff use are discontinued, they know which one we need that will talk to our existing radios.  And when I order one or 10, they arrive very fast.  I have no reason to even look at another company.  

10/23/2015- Austin Green

Here's what you need to know before you buy a two way radio...
Number one, don't go to a big box store. You'll end up settling with a off the shelf pack of two or three just to find out they have crappy reception and the batteries stop holding a charge. It's just going to piss you off and cause you to throw your crappy cheap two way through a window, now you have to fix a window and buy a new radio. Save yourself a whole bunch of time and money, call these guys. Seriously, they know radios. I don't know radios so i relied on them to point me to the right radio for my business. I got them THE NEXT DAY! What? Yes...the next day. Anyhow, just call these people...might as well do it now, because if not now, you will later.

3/12/2015 John Capaloto

Highly recommended! I placed a last minute order for 15 radios, after my vendor who I usually rent radios from flaked on me. I called them late Friday  afternoon and they were able to have the radios  programmed and ready for me that night. Not only that, purchasing the radios from Public Safety LMR was actually more inexpensive then renting. Great product, price, and service!!