Introducing "Magnetic Mic"

This revolutionary product solves the most commonly encountered problem withan in-car radio microphone, hanging it up. Once Magnetic Mic isinstalled, hanging up the microphone is essentially effortless andhazard-free, and the risk of diverting attention from the road becomes athing of the past.


  • Police Vehicles
  • Fire Trucks
  • EMS Vehicles
  • Taxi Cabs
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Marine Vessels
  • CB Radio Systems
  • PA Systems

Magnetic Mic is the easy-to-install, universally-compatible, magnetic holder for your microphone.  A lot of people talk about the dangers of distracted driving. Magnetic Mic is a simple and clever accessory that helps you actually do something about it.  Magnetic Mic helps you stay focused on the road when picking up and returning your radio microphone to its holder. It’s an easy-to-install alternative to a conventional, metal hang-up clip.  Magnetic Mic consists of a magnetic base piece for your dashboard or console, and a disc-shaped adapter for the microphone itself.  With Magnetic Mic, you simply get the microphone close to the base piece and let it go. Attracted by the magnet, the microphone just snaps into place. So, rather than dropping your eyes to hunt for and fumble with a conventional hang-up clip, you stay focused on the road.
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