BK KNG-M150 Mobile VHF Radio, 136-174 MHz, 50W, 5000 Channels


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This KNG Series Radio come with Install Kit (KAA0630) & External Speaker (KAA0261)
Microphone Sold Separately

Meet the KNG Series Mobile, the industry's first mobile radio with a touch scrreen display. The KNG Series Mobile offers exceptional features in a standard size package for both mid and high power applications. Offered in four frequency bands and two power options, 50 or 100 watt, the KNG Series Mobile is smart and easy to customize to fit your everyday needs.

5000 Channels, Dynamic Zoning

Custom-tailored user zones can be programmed into the KNG Mobile by radio users and can also be field changed or reprogrammed whenever necessary.

USB or Mobile Programmability
Program the KNG Mobile out in the field in minutes using an easy to use customize-able menu system, or simply plug in your laptop via USB port on the front of the unit.

Mixed-mode Operation
Whether analog or digital, communicate effortlessly to either mode with RELMs Mixed-mode feature.

Talk Around
This feature allows you to bypass or “talk around” a repeater for a direct connection.

Channel/Priority Group Scan
Find an available channel for communications: scan channel, priority channel, or scan by zones, one zone at a time.

Custom Menu System
Our intuitive menu system gives you full control. Fully customize the menu to fit your everyday needs.

The KNG Mobile has gone through rigorous testing and meets or exceeds military requirements.

Text Messaging
Users sending text messages receive an acknowledgement that deliver of the message was successful. Text Messages can be sent radio-to-radio or can be repeated through fixed network equipment.

Alpha-numeric Touch Screen Display
The first of its kind, the KNG Mobiles innovative color TFT touch screen display solves many issues seen in existing mobile radio control heads. Day or night, get all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Small Package High and Mid Power
Only the KNG Mobile offers 50 Watt and 110 (VHF) Watt power in a same size package - small and compact to fit neatly in your dashboard.

Birdie Free
Only RELM Wireless goes the extra mile to create a truly birdie free radio, which means there are no blacked out frequencies on this mobile.

256 Programmable Quick Call IDs
Connect with select radio users easily and ASAP through RELMs Quick Call function.

Busy Channel Selections
Designed to prevent other radio communications and interference on channels being used.

Problem Prevention Features
The Keypad lock prevents you from accidentally hitting a button that may activate functions unintentionally.

DVSI AMBE+2 Version 1.60 Vocoder
The version 1.60 Vocoder provides improved RF performance in a variety of degraded signal conditions. It also provides enhanced audio signal conditioning which improves system performance in the presence of background noise.

Emergency Signaling
KNG series radios support emergency calls and emergency alarms at the touch of the orange button.


High Power (110 Watt)

The KNG mobile high power option is designed for the same package size as the 50 Watt - no external fixture - and can be software enabled in the field for when you need it most. 110 Watts of RF output will further the range of the mobile and increase its capability. The high power option is only available for the VHF KNG-M150 model.

Know where you and your team are at any given moment with the RELM Wireless GPS option (P25 Tier 1 Location Services Compliant). Longitude and latitude coordinates will give your exact location, or the location of another KNG, anywhere in the world, saving valuable time when calling for backup in emergency situations.

(This option must be purchased in addition to a KNG Series Mobile if you don't have one already)
No more room in your dash? Opt for the remote mount kit. With the remote mount option, you get a fully functional touch screen mobile face which allows for ease of use while in the cab of your vehicle. This kit comes complete with mounting hardware and cables.

This KNG Series Radio come with Install Kit (KAA0630) & External Speaker (KAA0261)
Microphone, Programing Cable & Software  Sold Separately

$2,375.00 inc. tax

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